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About Sascha Block

Ich bin Sascha Block – IT-Architekt in Hamburg und Autor von Large-Scale Agile Frameworks - Agile Frameworks, agile Infrastruktur und pragmatische Loesungen zur digitalen Transformation. Ich möchte dazu beitragen Agilität in Organisationen und das agile Mindset zu verbreiten. Nur so gelingt uns eine erfolgreiche digitale Transformation. Mit meinem Unternehmen der INZTITUT GmbH unterstütze ich OpenSource und mit dem Projekt Rock the Prototype leiste ich dazu einen aktiven Beitrag. Ich möchte Prototyping erlernbar und erfahrbar machen. Mit der Motivation Ideen prototypisch zu verwirklichen und Wissen rund um Software-Prototyping, Softwarearchitektur und Softwareentwicklung zu teilen, habe ich das Format und die Open-Source Initiative Rock the Prototype geschaffen.

Quality and Efficiency in Harmony: Methods for the Software Development Process

From qualitative chaos to efficiency revolution - Discover the secrets of an agile transformation in the software development process. Learn how holistic testing and a focus on quality have the potential to take your team performance to a new level. Immerse yourself in a world of innovative tactics and strategies that will help you continuously improve quality and increase efficiency. Ready for the revolution? Get inspired and take the first step towards a new era of software engineering!

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Digital transformation: Change succeeds through care

Digital transformation is an inevitable process in any organization. From small, everyday changes to large, medium- to long-term transformation projects, integrating digital technologies is the key to competitiveness in an ever-changing business world. How can companies design successful change processes and actively involve their employees in the change? Our article provides practical tips on how transparency, participation and a changed leadership culture can lead to sustainable success. Learn why it is not enough to just produce affected people, but how to develop stakeholders instead and why the caring and support function of managers plays a central role in the change process.

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Agile digital transformation: revolutionizing mechanical engineering in the digital age

Find out now how agile digital transformation is revolutionizing the future opportunities for mechanical engineering in Germany forever! To remain competitive, engineering companies must be agile and leverage digital technologies to improve their operations, innovate their products, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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